Corporate Social Responsibility

As a humanitarian enterprise, corporate social responsibility permeates Vestergaard’s day-to-day operations and guides its long-term plans. The company devotes a substantial amount of time and financial resources to find solutions to improve global health challenges. Here are highlights of recent activity.

IR Mapper

irmapperaboutThe emerging and rapid spread of insecticide resistance threatens the utility of current bed nets in areas where resistance is high. Up-to-date information on insecticide resistance will guide the deployment of insecticidal tools to ensure that the right tool is used in the right place at the right time. In 2012, Vestergaard supported the launch of IR Mapper, an online tool that consolidates publically available insecticide resistance data and segments it by country.

mHealth Monitoring

tsetse-fly-trap-setupVestergaard supports work by Oxford University researchers to set up robust electronic and mobile systems to monitor health data in Western Kenya. This enables the Ministry of Health to strengthen pathways of care such as ensuring proper administration of treatment regimens, improving patient follow-up, strengthening referral systems, and tracking patient health trends. The work is being scaled up by other donors and other countries will be able to adapt the technology.

Furthering African Science

scientist-studying-cone-bioassay-testIn 2011, Vestergaard funded a research facility within the Noguchi Memorial Institute of Medical Research at the University of Ghana. The reseach center has become a valuable training ground for students and a resource in West Africa, enabling partners like the Ghanaian National Malaria Control Programme and the President’s Malaria Initiative to benefit from its state-of-the-art facilities.

Malaria Research

IR Mapper is a tool that helps inform vector control strategies by mapping insecticide resistance in mosquitoes that transmit malaria, Zika, Dengue and other mosquito borne diseases. This helps inform vector control strategies.


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For consumer purchases, visit LifeStraw® to find a local retailer. For each consumer purchase, one school child in Africa will receive clean water for an entire school year. For large quantities purchased for public health settings, contact us


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