HIV/AIDS is an extremely serious epidemic and the world’s leading infectious killer. Thirty-four million people have HIV/AIDS, approximately 1.8 million people die each year from it3. Because HIV/AIDS attacks the immune system, it makes people more susceptible to other diseases. Preventing malaria and waterborne diseases with PermaNet® bed nets and LifeStraw® water filters can keep people with HIV/AIDS healthier.

Malaria Research

IR Mapper is a tool that helps inform vector control strategies by mapping insecticide resistance in mosquitoes that transmit malaria, Zika, Dengue and other mosquito borne diseases. This helps inform vector control strategies.


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For consumer purchases, visit LifeStraw® to find a local retailer. For each consumer purchase, one school child in Africa will receive clean water for an entire school year. For large quantities purchased for public health settings, contact us


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