1.6 billion lives
protected from malaria
800 million
PermaNet® distributed In 100+ countries
1.6 billion lives
Protected from malaria
68 % fewer
Malaria cases in Africa since 2000 credited to LLINs
$16.5 million
loss averted in post harvest losses
350K +
Community farmers are benefiting from ZeroFly® Storage bags
Metric tons of grains stored safely from grain pests, preventing losses of 12-20%
16.5 Million USD
Loss averted in post harvest losses

Products & Innovation

Humanitarian Entrepreneurship

Vestergaard is built on the foundation of humanitarian entrepreneurship – that doing good is good business. We believe that investing in the development of new technologies and establishing new markets within hard to reach or under resourced populations presents both great business opportunities and be an incredible force for good.

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Our innovation goes far beyond our products

We explore multiple resources and avenues to ensure global health continues to improve and that we can create the greatest positive impact.

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Disease eradication

We are passionate that our products improve lives. For more than two decades, our tools have contributed to the near eradication of some diseases.


Reducing our footprint matters. We address our progress to achieve our targeted Global Goals and reduce the impact of our business footprint through our sustainability reports.

Environmental impact

As an industry, we distribute over 100’000 tons of plastic polymer-based LLINs to the world each year. Our rPET project is an opportunity to close-to-loop on our nets when they reach the end of their life.

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