How can success against malaria be ensured in Africa?

Malaria knows no borders, and increased collaborations are the pathway towards its elimination.


World Mosquito Day 2022

Vestergaard’s Kenyan-based entomologists discuss what’s needed to bring about long-lasting change in the face of increasing insecticidal resistance in Sub-Saharan Africa.


Getting ahead of malaria in India

Regional Director Asia at Vestergaard India considers the opportunities for Asia to benefit from the scientific and technological advances that have been made in sub-Saharan Africa, to ensure vector control solutions remain effective.


World Malaria Day 2022 – Vestergaard’s CEO message

On World Malaria Day 2022, CEO Michael Joos calls for a greater collaboration between all the sectors involved to #endmalaria.


When pandemics collide

Dr. Akpaka Kalu (WHO) & Michael Joos (CEO of Vestergaard) share their insights with GBCHealth on what’s needed to accelerate multisectoral action on malaria in a world changed by Covid-19.


Investing for a better tomorrow

Not simply content to push boundaries in vector control, the Vestergaard-NMIMR Vector Labs are determined to reach new heights in research collaboration, staff development and gender equality.