The humanitarian entrepreneur

From local beginnings to an innovative, global health company

Vestergaard Frandsen was still a small sewing operation in Denmark when Mikkel began working with the family business in the early ‘90s. Under Mikkel’s leadership, the company shifted its focus from textiles to innovation for disease and grew into a successful and impactful private organisation focused on improving global health outcomes. The company believes that a focus on humanitarian impact is not a cost to the company but rather a driver of revenues. It is one that can be measured both in the bottom line and in its work, setting a gold standard as a social good company.

Mikkel has overseen Vestergaard’s three major brands, which have collectively contributed to disease prevention for more than one billion of the world’s most vulnerable groups:

Brand heritage

What’s in the Vestergaard name?

The “Vestergaard” name and business signify more than just the origins of family. The name echoes the Danish culture, heritage and way of life.

A keyword in Danish culture is “hygge” [hʊɡə], which can be roughly translated to high-quality social interactions or a shared experience that is safe, balanced and harmonious. At its core, the Danish word for “hygge” is about building intimacy and trust with others. Vestergaard was originally a family run, Danish company (Vestergaard-Frandsen) and this remains at the core of our brand. We will always aim to produce the highest-quality products, to build strong and close relationships with our teams and partners, and to strive to achieve the most positive humanitarian and environmental impact.

Our impact


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