A timeline of our evolution

2023 - 2018


September 2023. Vestergaard celebrated the production of its billionth long-lasting insecticidal net (LLIN) by hosting two events during the UN General Assembly. The first, a high-level meeting on Universal Health Coverage Day, focused on re-energizing the fight against malaria, convening global leaders to discuss pivotal moments and future strategies. The second event acknowledged vital partnerships and featured speakers: Peter Sands (The Global Fund), Joy Phumaphi (The African Leaders Malaria Alliance), Dr. David Walton (President’s Malaria Initiative), and Charlize Theron (Charlize Theron’s Africa Outreach Project).

April 2023. Amar Ali joins as Vestergaard CEO.

March 2023. Vestergaard and Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research (NMIMR) renew their partnership to strengthen the development of innovative vector control tools for the prevention of malaria in Sub-Saharan Africa for a further five years. 

March 2023. PermaNet Dual, a new dual active ingredient net, is prequalified by the World Health Organization (WHO).


November 2021. The Vestergaard-Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research Vector Labs in Accra, Ghana celebrate 10 years of partnership, capacity building and science to fight malaria.

February 2021. Vestergaard becomes a Certified B Corporation.


February 2021. The Company announces the first rPET bednets made from 100% recycled and upcycled polyester.

IR Mapper and GMI Vector Maps launch modelled insecticide resistance maps to predict localised variation in resistance.

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Vestergaard commits to donating 100% of Tiny Targets until the elimination of sleeping sickness to achieve the NTD 2030 Roadmap.

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Vestergaard and Lifestraw become sister companies.


Michael Joos takes the reins as CEO of Vestergaard from Mikkel Vestergaard.


Project extension of Trypa-NO! to support existing intervention and innovation strategies to realise the elimination of gambiense human African trypanosomiasis (gHat or sleeping sickness) by 2030.

LifeStraw® Home receives the IDEA 2019 Award for Gold Winning-Product Design and the Red Dot Award.


On International Women’s Day, Vestergaard opens the doors to the Emusanda Maternity Ward in western Kenya’s Lurambi Sub-County. The 12-bed maternity ward is equipped with technologies previously unavailable in this region of Kenya and offers high quality maternal and neonatal healthcare.

2016 - 2011


Trypa-NO! Partnership announced between FIND, IRD, LSTM & Vestergaard with support by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to harmonise and integrate the screening, diagnosis and treatment of sleeping sickness and tsetse fly control activities through ZeroFly® Tiny Targets.

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LifeStraw receives the Outdoor Inspiration Award by Outdoor Retailer and adidas Outdoor.

Vestergaard launches the LifeStraw® Safe Water Fund to bring drinking water to victims following natural disasters and school children in vulnerable communities globally.


The company commits to donating 100% of all LifeStraw® Guinea worm filters provided to the Carter Center.

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Vestergaard launches a Give Back programme where for every LifeStraw® purchased at retail, one school child in need receives safe water for an entire school year, five purchases provide that child with safe water for the next five years.

PermaNet® 3.0 LLIN is prequalified by WHO (Reference 005-002).

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IR Mapper is established as a joint initiative of Vestergaard, KEMRI-CGHR and ESRI Eastern Africa to provide up-to-date insecticide resistance data and guide the deployment of the right vector control tools.

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ZeroFly® Storage Bags introduced as the first insecticide-incorporated storage bags to improve income, health and livelihood of smallholder farmers in low- and middle-income countries.


Vestergaard funds the Vestergaard-NMIMR Vector Labs (VNVL) as a public-private partnership with the Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research. VNVL houses susceptible and insecticide resistant strains of Anopheles gambiaes for extensive bioassay testing following WHOPES protocols and tailored experiments

The LifeStraw® Carbon for Water campaign uses carbon financing to distribute 877,505 LifeStraw® Family water filters to nearly 91% of all households in the Western Province of Kenya. The campaign provides more than 4 million residents with the ability to safely treat their water at the home and is implemented in partnership with the Kenyan Ministry of Public Health & Sanitation and other ministry collaborations.

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2009 - 2004


Vestergaard rehabilitates and donates the Emusanda Health Center to ensure that every person receives access to health services, including HIV/AIDS treatment, and a CarePack®.


The integrated prevention campaign in Kenya combines voluntary testing and counselling (VCT) for HIV and AIDS with the distribution of a CarePack® of disease-preventing tools – LifeStraw® water filters, PermaNet® long-lasting insecticide treated bednets, condoms and educational materials. This program provided testing for more than 47,000 people in seven days and tested more than 80 per cent of the target population for the first time.

LifeStraw receives Saatchi Award for World Changing.

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PermaNet® 3.0 LLIN is the first combination bednet with increased efficacy against malaria vectors resistant to current insecticides.


Corporate headquarters relocate to Lausanne, Switzerland.


PermaNet® 2.0 LLIN receives interim recommendation by the World Health Organization (WHO).

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Vestergaard creates a plastic pipe filter for the Carter Center to strain out Guinea worm larva and prevent Guinea worm disease.

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1999 - 1970


PermaNet® bednet, one of the first long-lasting insecticidal bed nets (LLINs), is introduced to market.


Mikkel assumes leadership of Vestergaard and sells the traditional clothing manufacturing operations to focus entirely on the humanitarian business.


To support the humanitarian business, Vestergaard opens its first offices in Africa (Kenya) and in India (New Delhi).


Mikkel Vestergaard joins the family business and starts a division dedicated to products for development and emergency aid.


Kaj turns the business over to Torben, his son.

1966 - 1957


Kaj adds sewing equipment to focus solely on manufacturing.


Danish farmer Kaj Vestergaard Frandsen establishes a textile weaving company run by family members using six weaving looms.


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