Doing good is good business

This is Vestergaard’s belief, and it focuses our vision on what we can do as a business to help solve some of the biggest public health issues facing our planet.

To strengthen our commitment, we became a member of the UN Global Compact in 2006. Each year, we report our progress in implementing the Ten Principles of the Global Compact and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which were adopted by the United Nations in 2015. 

At the heart of Vestergaard is a desire to become an industry leader in sustainability. We recognise our responsibility to create a sustainable business for our employees, the people our products serve and the planet where we all coexist.

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Meeting the world’s health needs

0 million

PermaNet® long-lasting insecticidal nets have been distributed in 100+ malaria endemic countries.

0 million

LifeStraw® Guinea worm filters are helping eradicate Guinea worm disease.

0 000

ZeroFly® Screens, Targets, and Traps are preventing tsetse flies from infecting humans and animals with sleeping sickness disease.

0 000

ZeroFly® storage bags support food security by protecting against pest infestation.

A Responsible Supply Chain

Innovation is central to our business, not only in developing high-quality products but also in ensuring the longevity of our business and the environment.

Most of our innovation takes place at our Quality Control Lab (QCL) in Vietnam, where we maintain a heavy focus on minimising our environmental footprint.

To achieve this, we regularly assess sustainable ways to improve our output and use our resources more efficiently.


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