How regulatory approval processes for bednets can secure our success against malaria

A robust regulatory approval system for LLINs can play a role in monitoring products’ safety, efficacy and quality in real-life conditions of use and in generating data that can inform national malaria control programmes.


Multisectoral collaboration in the fight against malaria

If you are one of the over 3 billion people at risk for malaria worldwide, then the very structure of your house can impact the odds that you will get malaria. What is required to change these odds?


World Malaria Day 2021

CEO Michael Joos reflects on what is needed to move closer to a malaria free world, in the face of multiple global health challenges.


Health Workers: The First Line of Defense Against Malaria in Uganda

Knowing the risks of COVID-19, Uganda’s front-line health workers have adapted their work to continue protecting people from malaria, the pandemic, and other diseases.


PBO is not enough: why concentration and controlled release matter

PBO LLINs already hold a cornerstone position in the young history of the High Burden High Impact strategy. However, not all PBO nets are the same, as they vary in the amount of PBO contained and in their formulation.


Towards a circular economy in the LLIN industry

We are proud to announce the production of the industry-first bednets made from 100% recycled and upcycled polyester.