17 March 2023 The World Health Organisation (WHO) has issued a strong recommendation for the deployment of chlorfenapyr-pyrethroid long-lasting insecticidal nets (LLINs) to counter the threat of malaria posed by increasingly resistant mosquitoes.

Increasing insecticide resistance in malaria mosquitoes is one of the most concerning biological threats that could derail efforts towards malaria control and elimination. According to the updated guidelines, WHO is issuing a strong recommendation for the deployment of pyrethroid-chlorfenapyr nets vs pyrethroid-only nets to prevent malaria in adults and children in areas where mosquitoes have become resistant to pyrethroids. 

Caroline Desrousseaux, Director of Sales and Marketing, Public Health from Vestergaard, says, “The new recommendation provides support for expanded deployment of these new pyrethroid-chlorfenapyr nets.  With the new recommendations in place, we expect PermaNet Dual, our first dual active ingredient net, to be prequalified by WHO imminently.”

PermaNet Dual, which combines the pyrethroid deltamethrin with the pyrrole chlorfenapyr, has been developed in response to the increasing need for dual active ingredient nets and the demand for Vestergaard’s innovation. Vestergaard’s first dual active ingredient net has been welcomed by the malaria community as it supports the acceleration of the shift to more effective nets.

New recommendations published in the WHO Guidelines for malaria consider that nets containing two active ingredients are needed to control malaria and to provide the highest levels of protection against pyrethroid-resistant mosquitoes. Combining an insecticide with a new mode of action enhances the mosquito killing effect of the net thus offering greater protection against malaria.

“We are thrilled and ready to contribute to a significant acceleration of the deployment of dual active ingredient nets from 2023 onwards,” said Desrousseaux.

The PermaNet portfolio was launched in 2003 with the release of PermaNet® 2.0, a pyrethroid-only LLIN specifically designed to protect against pyrethroid-susceptible mosquitoes. In 2009, the company took another significant step forward by introducing PermaNet® 3.0, the first pyrethroid-PBO LLIN developed to combat growing pyrethroid resistance. Now, PermaNet Dual’s dual mode of action delivers increased bioefficacy against resistant mosquito populations, bringing vital support in areas where resistance is highest.



Carol Essex, Director of Communications Public Health at Vestergaard info@vestergaard.com