Determining the true cost of a net

Explore the impact of evidence-based malaria prevention investment and the true cost of effective netting solutions on World Malaria Day.


Advancing malaria prevention

Urging innovation and investment for malaria prevention, emphasising partnerships and advocacy at the United to Beat Malaria Summit.


The vital link in malaria prevention

Meet some of our longest-serving employees in Vietnam, whose experiences encapsulate the passion, expertise and innovation that define our company and our partnership.


Thank you

A message to our partners and heroes in the fight against malaria as we celebrate manufacturing 1 billion mosquito nets, a symbol of our commitment to saving lives and creating brighter futures.


Climate Change and Malaria

The projected consequences, innovative prevention strategies, and collaborative efforts aimed at combating malaria and its vector-borne diseases in the face of a changing climate.


“It is important to adopt innovative techniques that keep us away from vectors”

Two national malaria control programmes weight in on the adoption of dual ingredient nets in their countries.


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