World Malaria Day 2022 – Vestergaard’s CEO message

On World Malaria Day 2022, CEO Michael Joos calls for a greater collaboration between all the sectors involved to #endmalaria.


When pandemics collide

Dr. Akpaka Kalu (WHO) & Michael Joos (CEO of Vestergaard) share their insights with GBCHealth on what’s needed to accelerate multisectoral action on malaria in a world changed by Covid-19.


World Malaria Day 2021

CEO Michael Joos reflects on what is needed to move closer to a malaria free world, in the face of multiple global health challenges.


Confronting the challenge of 2020 and setting a course for the future

CEO Michael Joos shares upcoming projects that will utilise technology and sustainable solutions to confront some of the greatest global health challenges.


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