Women in South Sudan in line to fetch water

PermaNet® Dumuria: Addressing Malaria Challenges Among Nomadic Populations

Nomadic populations remain a vulnerable group disproportionately affected by malaria and other vector borne diseases. Vestergaard is partnering with Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) to address the urgent need for tailored and effective malaria interventions by providing 10,000 PermaNet® Dumuria nets for nomadic populations in South Sudan. Nomadic Populations Face Disproportionate Vulnerability to Malaria Nomadic populations […]

Nomads wandering a desert in Sudan

Interview with Corey LeClair, Vector-Borne Disease Control Referent at MSF

Corey LeClair, MSF’s vector-borne disease control referent, discusses Vestergaard’s partnership to combat malaria among nomadic populations.


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